HAPPY NEW (financial) YEAR!

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As we hit the half-way mark on 2012 and say hello to our dreamy tax man once again, what’s The Claim for the rest of the year? Take a 7 Step Mid-Year Quick-Check.

Everyone’s buzzing around getting their receipts together to get the most they can out of the Tax Man. It certainly feels like Christmas in July as we talk about how we’re going to spend our hundreds and thousands (unless you’re paying the other way in which, clearly you’ve been naughty not nice J).  For those cashing up, it’s a new wardrobe for some, kitchen reno or car payment… but more than anything the tax funds are being put towards a trip, a little break to tide us over for the back-end of the year. Even those who aren’t doing or planning it are dreaming it.

It’s around mid-year that we all tend to try and make a quick escape from our regular, and somewhat freezing, lives. We like to jump out of routine, away from our standard circles of people and tasks – to ensure the ‘year’ is divided up into palatable chunks.

I like to think of ‘Happy New Financial Year’ as an opportunity to take a quick-check into how things are rolling, to avoid getting to the end of the year with regret, a sense of waste or feeling of just another year gone by.  It’s a chance to check you’re being honest with yourself & getting The Most out of your year. This way, the year flows with less of a Need to escape, and more a Want to keep going.

7 STEP Mid Year Quick-Check.

Are you;

  • Comfortable with how you are spending your free time, or if not – being aware of how you would like it to change.
  • Lifted up by the people you are spending your free time with, or if not – committing to letting go of the old and finding some new.
  • Treating your body how you want to be treating it, or if not – deciding what you’d like to do instead.
  • Feeding your mind with enough fodder to keep it engaged, or if not – making a choice what’s going and what’s coming.
  • Satisfied in your work or, if not – taking steps towards the next chapter.
  • Avoiding anything that you know needs to be dealt with?
  • Putting actions (however small) towards dreams to the side when they should be somewhat at the fore?

So, make the Claim to use tax-time as another New Year quick-check (to ensure you’re doing it more than once a year).  In doing so, you might just find that you need less of an escape from Life once you’ve spent a little time making it The Place you want to be.


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