We have LUFT off! Flight of the Conchords, Australian Tour

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Do you think you’re too late to jump onboard one of the funniest flights of your life?

I must admit I was a little anxious walking into Rod Laver Arena, knowing I was committing the next few of hours of my Life to ‘Flight of the Conchords’, whom I’d only seen once or twice on TV and YouTube. Was this going to be a series of clicky in-jokes that I would need to pretend to understand and find hilarious for the sake of my friend who had brought me along? What made me even more nervous was spotting no less than half-a-dozen show-goers wearing tin-foil helmets they had creatively crafted for themselves.

But any ‘pre-flight anxiety’ was unnecessary as the lift off was smooth… our captains Jemaine & Bret set the tone of what turned out to be a very bizarre and hysterical night together. These guys take the hilarity of the subject of ‘nothing’ (think Seinfeld), mix it with enough sexual innuendo to warrant an instant dismissal from HR, then add a dash of political inappropriateness, finally pulling it all together with solid musical talent. The nu zulund axunt is just the cherry on top.

Sometimes when something gains mass-traction quickly (like The Flight of the Conchords phenomena) people can feel like they’ve missed the boat … and if you weren’t on board from the beginning, you can feel undeserving or untrained to appreciate what’s happening now.

Well don’t miss this Flight. Catch them when you can, whenever and however you can – and when you do, you’ll realise this is something very different & unique. Something that’s going to be around for a long-time. Something you were happy you caught up with.

[Image taken from FlightoftheConchords.co.nz]


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