Modern Yogis & Modern Problems | Week Two of Yoga Course (Greek Islands)

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Today, my three biggest problems, in order of severity, were;

How to eat lunch when I had only just had breakfast 30 minutes earlier; (Force-feed now versus hunger later?)

Whether to make the trek down to the beach or slip straight into the pool just a moment away; (Would I regret forfeiting natural sea-salt for a quick chlorine dip?)

Where am I going to go to find prawns for dinner; (will I hate myself for breaking my commitment to one-month vegetarianism?)


All the tough questions on our one day-off for the week. Luckily I had considerate, understanding and empathetic Yogis close-by to walk me through the outcomes of my choices and help me arrive at a final point on each. It took us most of the morning but we got there… together. Modern-day yogis have modern day problems!


I swear that when we are on break away from our normal routine, we become a little dysfunctional in our ability to make the simplest decisions on our own. In group scenario’s like this one (20 people, one month together), we somehow have a need to cross-check every choice with a team of people. Perhaps because there are only five decisions to be made in the day; their importance is amplified, seeming tremendous, and needing careful consultation and analysis.

As a result of this, the dialogue on any given day is absolutely hilarious here. It’s like a crisis or “FirstWorldProblems” scenario (i.e. sarcastically). Yogic dilemmas are so entertaining that they actually get me through the otherwise routine ‘Ground-Hog Day’ nature of what we are doing here. “Do you think this swimsuit is better than the one I had on yesterday?” … “If I have the milk I’ll get the calcium I need but then I’ll risk bloating”… “Do you think I’m allowed to go in the sauna naked?”…  “if I we take a photo at this angle is it going to be silhouetted?” (well, that last one was actually one of mine from yesterday, I must admit).


Jokes aside, we’re so lucky to be here; away from regular, real problems – it’s one of the less obvious benefits of an experience like this. To be removed from true stress also allows us take a look at just how much is usually there. I know that when I come back to a life with real issues and major decisions; I’ll wish I had a team of 20 yogis to turn around to for consultation.

What was your biggest decision today?



p.s. The picture up the very top of this post was Yogi’s trying to spell out Y.O.G.A with their bodies (I’m the “A” at the end). There was so much consultation going on for this exercise, it actually took 45 minutes to achieve… All the tough problems in life 🙂

A few of the Amorgos Ashtanga Yogis












This is what a vegan birthday cake looks like!












Yogis from the 80s










Yogi Sisters












This week’s major achievement: Shirshasana Headstand














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