My Farewell Note to the World… Since it’s Officially Ending this Week*


Dear World,

Humankind, Population 7.059 Billion.

So sorry I didn’t get to meet you all! I really tried my hardest but only managed to meet 12,770 of you (based on my personal algorithm of  ‘ten to one’  real-life interactions relative to online facebook friendship connections).



Anyway…. It’s been a crazy ride don’t you think? Navigating evolution from cave-men, nailing the top of the food-chain, discovering a round world, there was penicillin, learning to fly, creating the interwebs and the amazing 2.0 version that paved the way for this very letter to be ‘liked’ by billions of people (or so is my last wish)… and then there was ART. Was there ever. Imagine our world without music, dance, writing, performance, drawing, painting, acting, creating… it wouldn’t be our world at all.

Since this is a goodbye letter I’m not going to focus on any negatives except to say there were some elements that we still had work to do on as a united ‘globe’, but as a human race, our overriding spirit saw more good in the world than bad, in my view anyway.


To ‘my world’…  My healthy body, my home in Melbourne Australia, my family, my friends… my barista; all-together I’ve only known you for 29 years & 7 months but it was just The Best. To be born into freedom & opportunity, to have a structure all set up to learn, grow & then discover . To exist in a society that took care of the detail so that I might (just might) become the best version of myself that I could be. Well, I was always appreciative of the set-up at least.

I feel glad that I chose this last year to roam the planet and then my home-town for the most part of the year. To watch, observe, listen, learn…. people & nature alike. To stop talking as much and open my ears & eyes has been the greatest gift I’ve granted my Self this lifetime. There’s something to consider in being introverted, and I’m glad to be taking a peek into it. Drawing energy from within is all very new when you’ve been getting it from the outside for as long as you’ve existed. Namaste.


If, by some chance, the World doesn’t end on Friday – I promise I’ll use my REGRETS list as a TO-DO list instead.



I regret not inventing something, not getting up on open mic night & I regret owning so many things I really don’t need – especially if someone else does.

I regret not reading more, not learning more, not asking my grandmother about her voyage. I regret not trying to understand the wider-world more deeply.

I regret not helping other people as much as I could have.


OK then, that’s all. Goodbye! Love Always & Forever,



*Should the world ‘not’ end on Friday as predicted this post will be reinstated as a ‘to-do’ list.



Do you have any farewell thoughts or regrets?

This post is dedicated to my good friend Rebecca Swindells “No Regrets”.


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  1. Emmanuel rey

    December 18, 2012 2:57 am

    Love the post. Well done, Julie Anne. In preparation for the world end we are going to Colorado (for skiing). I thought it would be safer in case of a tsunami than the coastal areas of Los Angeles. Then again, Suzanne does not ski and hates the cold. It might well be the end of my world!


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