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There are certain ‘types’ of travel… in my experience. The ‘adventurous discovery travel’ (usually involving new cities and new friends), then there’s the ‘experience with friends/family travel’ (party/fun times and making memories), and…. there’s that travel which is pure escapism to relax, unwind and reload. For me, most of my trips have fit in the first two buckets. I’m not sure if it’s FOMO or YOLO but I just seem to feel a little guilty booking more than four or five days that are JUST going to be chill. It might be why I’ve never looked into Fiji, Vanuatu, or Taihiti – ahead of NYC, Barcelona and Pars. Times are changing though.


I know that chill holidays are important and I know they’re a fully different experience; so I’m interested in getting some chill destinations on my Bucket List.


When doing some preliminary research within my social circles, Taihiti came up surprisingly often (more often than not for ‘honeymooning’ but also for chill time getaways, especially for those who were keen to get away but not so keen for a flight over 10 hours). Comments popped up like “It’s my dream destination aahh bora bora”, and, “I went for Xmas a few years ago and I still think of that holiday Every.Day.Of.My.Life since then”, then there were those who kept it short and simple… “amazeballs” and “two words…Overwater Bungalows.”


Aside from the social circle feedback, I got acquainted with few online tools to help paint the picture of what a chill-break can really be (like this Taihiti Quiz from Travel Associates, as well as their Tahiti page, which included blogs, details on experiences and accom advice).  The pictures are actually unbelievable.


So, it’s officially on my list! I’m interested in hearing more if you’ve been and have any recommendations, after-all, I’ll be chilled out but probably have some guilty driven desire to get out and DO.





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