Party Times are Changing | Theme Ideas for Rocking at Home

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Lately I’ve been racking my brain for places to go that are breaking routine, a little bit different… not only in venue choice but even in the routine of what kind of people are there and the whole vibe. It got me thinking about mixing it up more at home instead. For whatever reason home-based gatherings seem to let you unwind a little further, have bigger laughs and more fun… but we’re usually just opting to go out to keep it simple and interesting. So how about some ideas to make the home-based gatherings more interesting? Here are some theme ideas that might lift your everyday dinner gathering or a small party of people from just another dinner party to “that awesome dinner party we had that time”.




1. Famous Couples

This theme has so many possibilities if your guests have significant others or are friends with one another. There are countless famous couples from history as well as current couples for your younger guests to dress up as. Famous couples could include Kimmy & Kanye, Johnny and Baby from Dirty Dancing, Buddy and Jesinta or Eddleston and his latest fling  – the possibilities are endless. Get involved in a game of guessing with Ellen DeGeneres’ “heads up” party-game app that will have you rolling in your hallway.


2. Decade Party

Base your party on the decade in which you were born. If you were born in the 70s, then throw a 70s party. Guests should dress in 70s attire – bellbottoms, floral prints, big hair etc. Have 70s music blasting, maybe even have music videos from the 70s on a loop on a screen. Get your wedding picture put on a cake in edible icing, with flavours and decorations that were big in the 70s. Make sure you use a party hashtag so everyone can follow the night’s pictures the next day.


3. Luau

Back to basics. Guys should wear Hawaiian shirts and chicks should wear a floral summer dress or grass skirt. Place a lei around each guest as they arrive and serve coconut water still in the shell and mai tais. Decorate the venue with tropical flowers, surfboards and ukuleles (a little ukulele music in the background will add to the ambience). Put up posters depicting Hawaiian scenes, or have a screen with pictures of Hawaiian beaches.


4. Hipsters v Hippies

Something easy and so fun, giving the option to be totally hipster or relaxed any hippie. This one’s a good one as people would really get into character on the night, and the conversation would actually be hilarious. Bondi hipster inspiration required 100%.


If you think it’ll be too much trouble organising for home, consider getting a caterer to take care of the most important part of any dinner or major party – the food! Go with a reputable one that’s flexible and aims to please – I’ve sourced a few around the country, Brisbane – Noosh Catering, Sydney – Cassidy’s, Melbourne – Bright Young Things.


Happy party times. Good luck mixing it up with something new, home is where the party may really be after-all!


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