I Like to Move it Move it | My “Dare to Dream” Suburb Picks (Eastern Seaboard)

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You know the feeling. You love where you live but you can feel the ‘next move’ bubbling up inside. For me it’s a storage thing and a noise thing (we’re using the study bookshelves as shoe-storage and living on a main road so waking up when the first driver heads to work, which is 5.12am just FYI). Half the time it’s just the thought of ‘moving house’ that makes you stay put for another six-months to a year… but then the itch keeps scratching. I feel like it happens in phases; first you start seeing places while walking or driving that you could actually picture yourself in, then you’re asking people who live in the area what it’s like, followed by extensive and obsessive online browse-time… and then, finally, (for me) the dreams come. The actual dreams while sleeping (in that rapid eye movement vivid dream stage or whatever it’s called) where I’m in a brand new place and it’s like there’s acres upon acres or room and space for me to put things, do things, have things… in my dream I actually run and run around the space as fast as my toned-tanned-dream-legs legs will carry me. And then… I wake up. Sometimes I feel like those ‘living in luxurious excess’ dreams are even worse than nightmares, based on the slide back to reality when the i-alarm rolls in.

Here’s my current ‘dare-to-dream’ living wishlist for Australia’s Eastern Seaboard;

I dare to dream in SYDNEY:

 I’m sorry (not sorry) but Bondi Bondi Bondi… I know it’s cliché but if I were to buy a house in Sydney, there would be no stopping me living right in the thick of beach-city. I want to post photos from sunrise workouts and icebergs swims. I want to wear denim shirts and black-ripped-jeans & oversized sunnies… while sipping an iced soy chai latte with a side of honey… and then I want to rock back to my pad because who cares, I’d just be there for the bed, I’d be living on the sand anyway. (Bondi Images via Domain.com.au and ReviewProperty.com.au

S4S3 S2 S



I dare to dream in BRISBANE:

When it comes to Brisvegas, most of my friends who’ve moved there (or are from there) recommend West End. A little indie and with cultural diversity, “4101” has that local community vibe, whilst being quite close to the city centre. I suppose this particular area speaks to me the most out of anywhere in Brisbane because the people I love, who are well travelled, open minded and genuinely nice people – list West End as the one spot in Brisbane that they could ‘see me living’. After doing some research, I must agree it seems like a home away from home – so is definitely on the bucket list as ‘somewhere I’d like to be one day’. Images via Domain.com.au & check out QLD specific banking at BOQ.


B5B4 B2 B1





I dare to dream in MELBOURNE:

Well there’s the northside-bayside battle – which is probably a whole other blog into itself… but my dare to dream Melbourne suburb has to be St. Kilda West… a touch of the amazing craziness that comes with St Kilda, but a few blocks closer to a calmer vibe, for if (and when!) you need it. St Kilda West is that perfect little pocket with everything just within reach, but out of reach enough that you’re forced to get off your butt to earn it. (Images via ReviewProperty.com.au


M1 M2 M3


So that’s my dare to dream list – I think writing it out has been therapeutic for me! Hope you enjoyed & dare to do some dreaming yourself.


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