The Re-Gift I Should Never Have Given | Fraser Island (The get away that got away!)

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In my last job, I won a trip to Fraser Island as part of a team incentive. When I heard about my prize I was a bit like, “woo… um what is Fraser Island?”. Sorry, I know it’s one of those Australian things that we’re all meant to know about but I just have to be honest and say I didn’t know much. I must have missed that class in high school or something. To me, it seemed a little hard. So I actually ended up gifting that trip to a friend (yes, I’m a re-gifter so kill me), but after I heard about their trip I had major gift-regret and, in hindsight, actually wished I’d saved it for myself. So it’s back on the bucket list (me paying this time, couldn’t convince my new boss on an incentive!)


With something like Fraser Island (or a destination you’re aware of but not that knowledgeable on), it can be a good idea to get involved in a tour or safari that can get you around the best bits quickly. I recommend doing something like this early in your trip, to get your bearings, tick off the major list-items (to ease that ‘must achieve, even on holidays’ vibe) and then you can truly get into the swing of things, on your own, thereafter. I do this in all new capital cities I visit,  you know, do that cliché red double-decker bus-tour for half a day early-on, and then nail the rest of your stay as a result of that early orientation. It’s all about getting over the perception of those things and realising they’re an efficient, effective way to meet a new place… kind of like window shopping for your days ahead.


Back to Fraser Island. Sunset Safaris come recommended with a bunch of their Fraser Island Tour options to suit the length of your stay (and they have testimonials so you can get a good idea from people who’ve actually been involved before).


Interested to hear if any of you have been to Fraser Island and have recommendations on must-see/must-do as well as accommodation, it’s on the list for 2015!















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