Give the Gifts that Keep on Giving – 4 Gift Ideas to suit All Occasions

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Picking gifts for people can be such a challenge… There are so many occasions that warrant presents: birthdays, baby showers, house warmings, engagements and a whole myriad of other events. Sometimes, it can be tough to give gifts that are both innovative and interesting each year, particularly if the recipient is the type of person who already owns everything. I like to try and give gifts that are either experience-based, or things that people might not think to buy for themselves. Some of the best gifts I’ve been given are things that I would never have chosen for myself, but love because they represent the giver.  There’s a heap of websites like Personalised Favours that offer a bunch of great gifts and ideas, that can even be customised and personalised for any age;



Giving the gift of travel is amazing. Allowing someone to travel in their own home-country or around the world is giving him or her an experience that they will never forget. If it’s a trip to a location that they have always wanted to see, or an experience that they’ve wanted to do, resulting in such a special sentimental offering. Travel is often best given as a gift to a partner or relative so that it can be experienced together. Think trip to Tassie or the Barossa Valley… even dinner at Uluru – just keep an eye out for flight specials.



Cameras, photo frames and albums are all great presents for any age as they allow people to document their life and keep those they love close to hand. The memories from this gift will last forever once captured and printed and they will provide a lifetime of nostalgia. I love the new  service called ‘Pixy’ where you can just tag your Instagram photos @printwithpixy and they send you the pics in the post for a really good price. Such an easy and great idea (I print all my pictures from Instagram every month under their $10 monthly ‘unlimited prints’ subscription).  This would be a particularly great gift for special occasions, such as milestone birthdays or wedding anniversaries. Including a frame with a picture of you and the receiver would make a nice accompaniment to the gift. Plenty of canvas, book and magnet printing services out there too.



Visiting a nice restaurant is an experience that everyone enjoys. By taking a friend or loved one out to a special dinner, you’re giving them a new culinary experience. You could even contact the restaurant prior and make sure some special things happen like free champagne on arrival and surprise dessert.



A good book is one of the few gifts that can suit absolutely everyone in every age range. Simply finding out someone’s favourite genre can provide you with an endless number of potential presents. By giving someone a book that you know they’ll enjoy, you are showing them just how well you know and care about them.


Sometimes gift giving can be stressful and difficult, however by applying a bit of knowledge and thought to the present, it is possible to give gifts that both mean a lot and that the other person will enjoy. Taking the person on a trip away will mean a lot to them and will give them an unforgettable experience. New photography elements will allow them to make amazing memories that they can keep forever. A nice restaurant will provide them with a thoughtful gift, and if you’re really stuck, the universal book voucher is a great gift no matter what their age. When in doubt – movie tickets. What are your favourite gifts?


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