PRK Laser Eye Surgery and the fun part… SHOPPING

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When most people asked me why I was undertaking (rather painful) PRK laser eye surgery to correct my vision, my main example of when spectacles bothered me was “you know when I’m shopping on Chapel Street I have to take prescription sunglasses off whenever I walk from outside on the street into a shop (and place normal prescription glasses on), then walk about and reverse this by swapping the prescription glasses with prescription sunglasses to walk outside in the sun?!”. Major #FirstWorldProblem I realise, but a serious problem nonetheless. The very first thing I wanted to do post-surgery was get a few pairs of normal every-day, non-prescription sunglasses – what a dream, first tie for everything! I’ve been spending a fair bit of time on IFRAMES lately, mainly because of the huge range and great prices – and have come up with these options.


So, now for the fun part… I’m thinking of these from the Ray Ban range:









Then these babies from PRADA:








Next-up the OAKLEY range come-good with this option;







And finally….


So… drumroll please. I’ve decided to go with the PRADA option because they’re Oh so Audrey J


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