Quiz Your Way to Your Career

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You know all those magazine quizzes that tell you what your ‘dream husband’ would be… or your ‘best wardrobe genre’ – well, now there’s one to help you drill into which industry you’d be best working in.

Just did this QZZR quiz which told me “Your unique talents and perspective make you the perfect fit for one of the creative industries.  Act, design, write, sing, or create art in a way that reflects your skills and vision.”

So, I figure I act sometimes (swear by fake it til you make it), I’m writing all the time (tick), I sing like a drowning cat (fail) and I create art… well, I Instagram.

Head on to Careers Australia for a view into the future for you – they’ve sponsored this post and are providing today’s quiz.









Image via: www.haikudeck.com


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