5 Tips for Hosting a Spring Soiree

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FlowersIt’s that time of the year again – spring soiree time! Hosting a party during spring is great – it’s a precursor to warmer months, where you have more freedom to socialise outdoors rather than be cooped up inside. So, time to plan. Where does one start? Hosting a spring soiree doesn’t have to be a stress-filled event. Here are five tips.


  1. Make Cleaning Easy

Many people will say that using disposable plates, cups and cutlery is a wise thing to do. Indeed, it is. It’s no longer about bland white plastic or paper – now, there’s an exciting array of colourful disposable party-ware. However, if you’re a purist and want that elegant feel that only real crockery and glassware provides, the cleaning up is obviously easier with a dishwasher. If you need one, or want to replace your old one, you’d best do it before party season. Consider a stylish yet functional and durable dishwasher – brands like ASKO

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  1. Decide on the Amount of Mingling Space

Would you prefer to have guests contained in one area of the house or would you rather they wander between a few spaces – say, between the indoor dining area and outdoor patio? Once you’ve made your decision, you can plan your soiree around this. Prompt visually where you’d like your guests to be – use various indicators like lighting and seating to show people where to go. Be creative if you have less space and utilise what’s already there. For example, a nearby wheelbarrow can double as gigantic ice bucket to hold all the cold drinks.


  1. Mood Lighting

Most dinner parties take place at night. If yours is an evening event, make sure you have adequate lighting that’s not overpowering either. Candles are great anywhere, while lamps create a cosy atmosphere indoors. If outside, fairy lights strewn across shrubs, trees or pillars add a little sparkle, as do solar lights to highlight paths or mingling areas (so guests don’t take a tumble in the dark!).


  1. Pick a Theme (or Not)

While you may want a casual get-together, it can really help to consolidate everything with a theme. Think about what you envision for the party. If you want it casual, it can indeed still be casual – ensure your food, decorations, crockery/cutlery reflect this. If you want to be at one with nature, use what you’d find out in the garden or beach, and so on. A sophisticated theme? Make sure everything is fancy.


  1. Serve Food that’s Reflective of the Season

It’s a spring soiree, so serve your guests food that’s seasonal and food that reminds everyone that it’s spring! Lots of fresh greens and bright colours, meat that’s cooked simply without overdoing it with the seasoning. Fresh and light cheeses, new season fruit. Food that’s easy to eat, nothing too fiddly.

It’s a bit of a cliché, but spring is all about new beginnings, and it’s the path to those lively summer months. Your soiree should reflect this. With some creativity, you can help your friends have a great time just being themselves in nice surroundings, amongst good company, enjoying all that spring has to offer!


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