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Our skin, our ‘face to the world’ can have such a high relationship with our personal confidence (both self-confidence, and our confidence with others). Whether you’re looking to increase your natural glow, trying to manage hormonal breakouts, or dealing with more hard-core skin issues – your skin can really impact your ‘Self’.  This is especially true if your skin troubles are consistent and you’re always feeling conscious. There are heaps of factors that contribute to poor skin health, but, on the flip-side, there are also many ways to help alleviate skin issues, both in the short and longer-term. If you’re in need of some advice, read on to see how you can achieve more healthy skin.

Drink Plenty of Water (or herbal tea!) and Eat Healthy, Whole Foods

You’ve read it in every magazine since you were twelve-years-old and that’s why it’s #1 in this post, hydration and skin health are intrinsically linked. A lot of the time, your skin’s appearance can be a tell-tale sign for something going on inside your body, your gut more specifically. Because of this, it’s vital to get to the core of the problem and look after yourself from the inside out. If you want pure skin, avoid sugary and chemically-laden beverages and opt for the purest drink of all: water. When you drink the recommended amount of water per day (typically around 8 glasses a day), you can effectively flush out the toxins from your system. Herbal teas are also a great way to alleviate water-boredom, I recommend ‘Yogi Teas’ that taste delicious, help with various health concerns and come with a nice little feel-good thought on each teabag. When you first start to drink more water/tea, you may sometimes notice your skin breaking out a little more; however, once your system is flushed, your skin will clear up to become healthier than it was before. If you’re really trying to reverse some skin issues, detox off alcohol for a minimum 4 weeks (take some before and after photos that you can keep as motivation for next time!).

Eating plenty of leafy greens & berries, as well as more alkaline foods can help reduce inflammation as well. Try a squeeze of one lemon-juice with warm water each morning. If you take care of your diet, your diet will take care of you. Just as a side-note on diet, if you’re having hormonal breakouts, it might be worth trying different contraceptive pill types, speak to your doctor to switch if you think this might be a problem affecting your skin.

I’m also a big fan of oil-pulling for helping to clear issues and maintain skin health. I started over a year ago and have noticed considerable improvements.

Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is something you should prioritise in your day, as counterproductive as that may sound. It not only gives your mind a chance to sort through the day’s stresses, but it also gives your body the chance to balance hormones and reduce inflammation. I recently attended an talk by a successful entrepreneur who put the ‘sleep hours’ they required in their calendar first and worked all other commitments back from there. Adults generally need around anywhere between 7 to 9 hours; any less, and you might be unable to cope as easily with stress and your skin issues could worsen. I know there are things that prevent sleep (and I’m not a parent so I can’t offer much advice on how to solve that conundrum!)

Visit a Skin Clinic

If you have been struggling with really stubborn skin issues for a long while, it might be a good idea to visit a skin specialist who can offer you professional advice and a range of treatment options. For acne sufferers, chemical peeling is a popular option that can exfoliate and freshen your skin with both antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. Light therapy also aids in the skin’s healing process. Visit specialist clinics like Cosmetic Surgery for Women to talk to skin professionals who can give you advice and guidance about your specific skin issues.

Be Mindful of Your Makeup

What you put on your face can greatly affect your skin’s health. Harsh chemicals and heavy products can clog your pores and even cause skin issues. Light, organic & natural moisturisers, facial oils and makeups are a great alternative, and mineral powder foundations are a great option if you want the coverage but don’t want to add to the problem.

As the skin is the body’s largest organ, it’s important to understand how to achieve and maintain its health. While most people suffer from different skin issues, there are ways to help move towards healthier skin.  Hope you got something out of today’s post. Remember, when all else fails try #manyfilters on your instagram posts, that’ll get you through!


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