The Buzz is 40

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Tomorrow is the 40th anniversary of the birth of Cameron Busby. My best friend. 

40 Reasons To Love You in no particular order.

  1. Your perfect balance of ‘salt’ and ‘pepper’ hair (52%, 48%)
  2. The various degrees of education you’ve given us on the life of actual bees.
  3. When you wear that dark green business shirt and your eyes look dark green even though they’re not.
  4. How you remember something from the past that I feel guilty or embarrassed about and wait the perfect number of years to just ‘drop it in’ – reminding me I’m always accountable.
  5. How you love your family. 
  6. The way you like things “just so”.
  7. How well you know yourself. You know what you like, you know what you don’t, and you act accordingly. 
  8. Leadership. Word has it you’re a great boss.
  9. You leave us all with a sense of mystery on who you truly are… like we might wake up tomorrow and find you were just a beautiful dream.
  10. That car. Are you still driving that Astra or something?
  11. When you’re tipsy and you speak louder and clearer (we heard you).
  12. You’re the Buzz on the Fuzz!
  13. How you sometimes don’t have a ‘valve’ of appropriateness and oh we better stop right there on that one.
  14. That time you did your Achilles, and that time you did your ball, and that time you did your back.. and you never complain.
  15. How when you’re really laughing hard at something you shut your eyes and try to contain the happiness but it’s unstoppable.
  16. When you walk slightly pigeon toed, with that little bounce in your step like there’s a cupid angel flying behind you and lifting you by the belt. 
  17. How you look at your reflection in shop windows and think we don’t notice.
  18. When you listen to us. You really listen, consider, reflect, advise. 
  19. Those weird instagrams about the pony who just wants everyone to leave him alone.
  20. How every time you go overseas you get so sick and that time it was so bad you tried to get some of your holiday leave back as sick leave and it was actually totally valid. You never even left the hotel.
  21. You’re available. 
  22. No judgment.
  23. You’re always so polite to wait staff… even when they make you wait.
  24. No expectation. You’re never disappointed by us.
  25. How you sometimes find yourself in a predicament and try to think “what would Jesus do?”
  26. That time you were rollerblading on Beaconsfield parade into that gnarly (yes gnarly) Head-wind and it pushed you backwards on your skates no matter how hard you tried to push forward (I believe you had to crawl?)
  27. That story about your first day at your first ever job in media when you went out after work and got drunk and pulled an all nighter and went straight to work for day #2
  28. The way you inhale your meal in six minutes and wait patiently for the rest of us to finish in normal time.
  29. You tell me when I’ve ‘done bad’ like you’re a little conscience angel on my shoulder.
  30. That time we had just met and got drunk and held hands and…. thank baby Jesus that was it. 
  31. How much media fragmentation has annoyed you more than anyone.  
  32. How you brought your Xbox away on holiday to Byron Bay that time.
  33. How I’ve driven past your house 1,000 times and thought about dropping in unannounced for a cup of tea but then GOD ONLY KNOWS what you’re doing up there and it’s best we keep it that way.
  34. How you sometimes text me “uh oh, what did Buzzy do?” and I get to guess.
  35. Those teeth. World class.
  36. How you share how you’re really really feeling. 
  37. How I feel 20-30% happier after seeing you.
  38. That you know exactly what weights you need to do at the gym to have every muscle in your body sized to the precise portion you so desire. 
  39. No fuss.
  40. The day before I met you, I had an intuitive feeling that someone special was coming into my life. You were starting at my work the next day, I didn’t know you but I filled your desk with fun (Buzz Lightyear figures and stickers of bees)… and when you arrived it made you so happy. I would see that smile 50,000 more times and it still wouldn’t be enough. You’d go on to have an impact on my life like no other person. Because there is only one of you, and we are so lucky to love you.

Happy 40th Birthday Buzzy x


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