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Blogger Julie Anne Longano


Lifestyle – True Stories – Wellness – FOR FUN!

Thanks for meeting me here!

All Or Nothing is a little lifestyle blog. Here, you’ll find my stories, photographs and thoughts on; travel, life experiences, wellness, wish-listing, reviews and social commentary. It tends to be light-hearted and a bit of fun, sometimes motivational and inspirational. 

Personally, I’m a journalist by-education, a marketing lover by-profession, a performer by-dream, and a romantic by-heart. I absolutely love to make people laugh, so this is my approach to life & the world we live in.

I’ve got history as a Bupa Health Influencer Award Finalist, a Blogger for Kiis FM, and an Experience Blogger for RedBalloon, so from time to time there’s a story about jumping out of a plane or surprising someone with an unexpected experience.


Feedback most welcome 🙂