3 Top Tips to Travel in Comfort

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Just because you’re flying economy doesn’t mean you have to be reminded of it. Over, and over, and over again. There are so many ways to travel comfortably without spending a fortune on fancy hotels, secluded resorts, or first class air tickets. Planning, as boring as it sounds, plays a big part in how comfy your journey will be because it determines your lifestyle for the next few days, weeks, or months. Without planning, your trip becomes muddled and, in turn, randomly unpleasant. Here are three key tips for travelling in comfort during your next holiday adventure.

1. Begin Fresh

First and foremost, you should sort out new travel gear. In particular, you should make sure you have access to a sturdy, good quality bag made specifically for travel. You’d be surprised by how often this detail is overlooked; too often, people will take any old bag and hope for the best. It’s important that you aren’t one of these people! If you’re having trouble locating a luggage store, visit some luggage retailers like Bags To Go Online to browse a big selection of products, from suitcases to hiking backpacks to laptop bags. Another way to begin your travels fresh would be to buy clothes that are suited to your particular adventure. For instance, if you plan on hiking, you might want to invest in some new walking shoes (… especially if you’re seen that movie ‘Wild’!).

2. Plan Ahead for Everything

Be sure to dress comfortably, not just with the nature of your trip in mind, but with the climate in mind as well. It sounds blatantly obvious, but double check the season of your location and how hot or cold it gets (Google average weather for the month you’re traveling in). There’s nothing worse than arriving in a foreign place with either too many jumpers or not enough, yet it’s a common mistake to make. You should also have locations, prices, and timetables printed and accessible before you leave. Write every detail down in a clear and accessible place (e.g. a notebook, in your smartphone, or in the front of your suitcase) so, when the time comes to change planes, catch a bus, or pay for something in another language, you’ll be on the ball and ready to do so. This helps avoid freak outs!

3. Boredom Killers

As opposed to the everyday essentials like your passport or mobile phone, your entertainment essentials consist of the items that will make your trip enjoyable. Depending on what will make the time go faster, bring along something to do during an overnight trip or a long wait at the airport. Download the Serial podcast. Pack an iPod, books (Kindle), magazines, or even crosswords. You might think that you’ll have plenty to do at your destination, but the time preceding getting there could last forever without a good distraction.

While these tips require a lot more planning than you may or may not have set out to do, the result will have you repeating the same routine for every other trip you make. Keeping organised, above all, gives you the luxury of time. You can now enjoy your travels without the burden of remembering everything along the way because you’ve organised your trip in a way that leaves room for detours, roaming, and extra rest. Nothing says comfort quite as clearly as the absence of deadlines.


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