Before the I DO – 3 Must-Haves for Every Hens’ Night

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HENAh, the hens’ night: a traditional rite of passage for a burgeoning bride-to-be, in which everyone lets their hair down in a final celebration of freedom! A good hens’ night is something that the bride will remember fondly forever and she will likely only have one in her life – so it needs to be good!

Anyone who’s been to a hens’ night knows that there are certain must-haves the event needs; otherwise, it’s just another night out on the town! So if you’re planning a night for your betrothed friend or are a guest, make sure these items are on the shopping to-do list. They’ll amplify the fun and ensure the night is a great success.
1. Sashes for the Bride-to-Be (and Her Hens)
I wasn’t going to include this item, but you know what. It’s earned it’s place. This is an absolute hens’ night staple. Sashes to be worn by the betrothed and her loyal hens are a must-have to signify to everyone else you see on the night that you’re ready for a roaring time. It also really makes the bride-to-be feel special (like training for the wedding) and
There are lots of different styles and colours of sashes you can get for the girls – whether the bride-to-be is a girly girl that loves pink or would prefer a more chic black sash, there’s a sash for every style! Check out websites like Naughty But Nice for a range of great sashes.

2. A Dare List
Remember, this is the bride’s last night of freedom, so a dare list of hilarious deeds to be done is a must-have for the hens’ party to let loose and have fun! A dare list ensures that there’s never a dull moment during the night and will make for many laughs and memorable moments. Possible dares you can add to the list include starting a dance-off or singing to the barman when you’re ordering a drink.
Remember to run every hen across the list before you go out, just so everyone’s comfortable with what they may have to do during the course of the night, should their turn come up.
3. A Memento Book
Of course, you’re going to need a photo album or special ‘hens’ night memento book’ of some kind to keep all the crazy memories in from the night! Hens’ nights usually result in lots of crazy photos and memorable moments that the bride-to-be will remember fondly. What better way to preserve those memories than in a specially made hens’ night memento book? The bride will definitely appreciate the thought, and it’s something that she’ll still look fondly back on twenty years from now.
A hens’ night is a great excuse to let loose and celebrate the bride-to-be’s final moments as a legally single lady. Having the right props and preparation will ensure the night is a success.

What are some great things you’ve bought for your hens’ party that you used during the night? Share your suggestions (or a wild story from your past!) in the comments below.


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