Finding My Fashion Feels in my Thirty-Somethings

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Fashion. It’s never really been my thing. Give me a print-dress any day, so there’s literally ‘zero’ choice or skill required on matching pieces or layering looks. When I have to create ‘outfits’ I’ve got adult version of OshKosh B’Gosh sets… specific pairs of (print) pants that only ever go with specific tops. The only time these single pieces ever met anything else in my wardrobe was the great ‘print clash’ trend of 2014, bless its ambition.

My partner Trent once told me, and continues to tell me, he loves my unique style and sense of fashion. He says it doesn’t follow trends but does it’s own thing. Wow. That was a lucky fluke. I’ll take it though.

Fashion is such a reflection of who you are.. a selection of how you want to feel. Something that will likely influence how other people perceive you. Sometimes I feel like I buy pieces just to confuse and annoy other people… red herrings in trying to figure me out. It worked so well on my sister once when I came home in a pair of faux giraffe print boots. “They are the ugliest thing I have ever seen” she said. Next day at work Chrissy says, “omg I love those where can I buy them.” Go figure.

When shopping for clothes the outcome is completely subject to how I’m feeling the day of the shop. I could be feeling very ‘Angelina Jolie’, going all dark and moody with a pop of sustainable khaki that will save the world based on its ethical production. Or on particularly daring shopping escapades I’ll own a bit of Olivia Palermo or Blake Lively (or my friend Fran Vavallo), pushing my styling skill &  comfort zone while pulling vogue faces and shoulder poses in the fitting room. I’ll muse about how “I don’t have a stylist I put this together myself”. All the shop attendants have me figured out. I’m sure. They spot me as the girl (lady?!) with no idea and prep their fitting room scripts, “no you could definitely pull that off!… you’ve got the skin for it…”

I actually love the idea that people should be able to wear anything at any age. I’ve met people who can pull it off. Pairing their white trainers with flowing flower-print skirts & gold accessories. They are simply… cool. How? I’ll never know.

After I had my daughter two years ago, I felt a strong need to clear out my wardrobe of my old self. A fresh desire for minimalism. During the process there’s the internal dialogue that goes on where you’re trying to determine whether something is a ‘classic staple’ that has to stay or piece very much past it’s time.

So for now I’ll just keep the fashion roulette going. Move with the present moment. I’ll keep channeling the women who are representing my vibe on any given day of the week. We might as well be rocking these pair of pants together.

This is a sponsored post for Oxford, a brand I’ve personally found to be consistently flexible in their fashion over the years… they seem to take a relaxed and modern approach that suits me (and all my fashion feelings!)


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