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Thanks for meeting me here!

I’m curious about a life that’s ‘all or nothing’, taking every experience and making it the absolute most it can possibly be. It’s a cordial-concentrate version of life that means saying Yes more than No (to the right opportunities – feeling & deciding what is ‘right’ is the surreal adventure). The result is a scary yet authentic existence… it’s not manic or over-drive, but rather fully-engaging – with the volume on high, the lights up bright and the cameras rolling. The most interesting and rewarding part is making myself and the  people around me have a massive ROFL along the way. This gets hilarious.

I am a journalist by-education, an advertising lover by-profession, a performer by-dream, and a romantic by-heart. For me, the ‘beginning’ is about waking up and finding myself on a moving train. The start means I’ve had to jump off, while it’s moving and start walking towards something else … maybe soon I’ll find a skateboard, then a car, then another train – and the plan is to end up on a plane… or maybe a rocket if I’m lucky!


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