8 Traits of Traveling to Live-by at Home


It’s only natural to be a slightly different version of one’s Self when traveling abroad… Do you think you could bring the best of your ‘traveling-self’ with you for an even better time at home?

Here are Eight Traits we tend to dial-up when traveling abroad, that you can apply in every-day life, for an even better adventure today.



Make a Plan | Whether it’s for the day or the week, take a moment to really think about and set up what’s ahead – maximising your time.

Broaden your Palate | Try a new restaurant, a new style, a new dish, a new drink, a new recipe, a new ingredient. Let your taste buds do the traveling for you.

Be Grateful for Conversations with your Family | Be engaged in every-day conversation with family & friends… as if it’s an international call where you want to get The Best communicated and end with sharing love.

Choose Anything over Television | A majority of activities in real-life will be more fulfilling than observing the box.  If not, you’re probably doing the wrong activities so try something new J

Observe your instincts | Feel what’s right and what’s wrong, listening to your inner self more often. When traveling it might be about what direction feels right… in every day life it might be the same.

Welcome meeting new people | People you don’t know aren’t all freaks…  step outside school and work cliques for a totally new perspective. Warning, you might have to say hello first.

Budget | Decide and list what you need (and want) within set periods of time and take action with your money accordingly.

Walk. That’s it, because you can & you always feel better for it.


Sometime half the reason we love being away from home is the change in our inner-self as opposed to the external world. Spend a little time thinking about how a ‘travellers mindset’ might make change your life’s adventure.


*This post is includes contributions from my current (and amazing) co-travelers Rebecca Swindells and Chelsea Warner. We are in the USA… today!


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    • Julie Anne

      August 9, 2012 11:49 pm

      Thanks Daniel! If you seriously do the Masabacha you have to send me a picture so I can post it! Norman’s version of the Gosling Masabacha, I can’t wait to see it 😉


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