It Pays to Broaden Your Palate | Masabacha Anyone?

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Sometimes just taking the step into something new brings unexpected, yet very welcome rewards. Kind of like The Universe is giving you a hug for stepping outside your boundaries.

Have you ever done something uncharacteristic of yourself and had it pay off with an unexpected surprise or result?

I recently had this very experience as I did something quite unusual of myself… and walked into a ‘Hummus Restaurant’ purely to broaden my palate and live in the moment. The full story following is remarkable.

I was enjoying the quiet, sunny day by myself in the East Village of New York,  looking for a late lunch post-yoga… I came past a nice, average looking Hummus restaurant. I smiled & politely asked the only people (two guys) still dining out front if the food was any good. The guy in the cap & sunnies said “it’s the best”, so I sat down on the table next to him (the only other table there)… and then the same guy proactively proceeded to advise me on the best dishes to try, from his experience. Nice guy.

As he was sitting next to me, talking & pointing at my menu it slowly but surely dawned on me that this was RYAN GOSLING advising me on my lunch order. For Real. OMGosling. The ‘dawning’ happened in slow motion as he spoke to me… In a way that, at this point, made it impossible for me to reach for my camera. I was too far in as a ‘normal’ behaving person to turn all psycho-crazy-screaming-fan on him now. Instinctive Decision; I would just have to ‘stay cool’. Pretend I didn’t recognise him with the cap & sunnies on (that’s possible right, I’m from Australia after all?) Lucky I had just been to Yoga. I needed to channel the hell out of that Namaste to remain calmly, in my seat.I sat side-by-side with him for 9.2 minutes. He asked me where I was from in Australia, if I’d visited New York before and how long I was visiting this time & why. I talked about yoga, my new website/blog & the Airbnb website which allows for pretty cost effective short-term stays in Manhattan. I’m talking about ‘cost efficiencies’ to Ryan Gosling.As he stood up to leave (v tall), he looked down at me, smiled broadly & asked me “now do you remember what you’ll be ordering?”
Yes, Ryan… I’ll never forget, “The Hummus Masabacha with pita on the side… Got it. Thanks again for that, see ya, have a great day.”
And then just as any script in Hollywood would have had it, I turned my gaze away before he did. Be gone.He left. I ate hummus. That is the end of the story (…at least I assume it is!).So, it’s ok to live outside your regular patterns and behaviours once and a while because The Universe might give you a special treat to let you know it’s not just okay… it’s a way of life.

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