My Plan to “Bring a Baby into the World”… Through a Facebook App

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First things first, the facts:

I’m going to try and be responsible for ‘bringing a baby into the world’. I’m talking about being involved in creating an actual ‘baby’ that will ultimately become a full-grown human; through the connection of two people.

This will not be done through traditional means of baby/person making and It’s not going to be my baby/person per se. It will be a person traditionally created by two other consenting adults, as a result of actions taken by me in; a) having a facebook account and b) using the new ‘You Should Totally Meet’ application that lets you be a wingman for your single friends on Facebook – essentially ‘hooking them up’ with one another, to live happily ever after – with a little help from Mark Zuckerberg (founder of Facebook).


The app has some other features like being able to ask people to set you up if you are single (requesting wingmen / set-up dates for yourself etc) – but I’m not in this for me. I’m in this to set two of my single facebook friends up; with a view to them falling in love, consummating said love, perhaps getting married and then eventually having a baby (not necessarily in that order or with such simplicity… real life events will need to take place in between these steps, I do realise).


I’ve spent this week being a professional ‘Wingman’…  filling out ‘qualities’ for some of my single friends, using the app. ‘You Should Totally Meet’ asks that you (as a Wingman) list at least three qualities that make your single friend(s) irresistible. It’s like listing the main points you would say to someone in real life if you were trying to convince them to date-your-mate… “Oh come ON! She’s smart, but not in a threatening annoying way… she’s really got a zest for life, you know out and about all weekend – AND she’s got that girl next door quality, but isn’t too sweet… apparently she’s a firecracker after-dark if you know what I mean?” As a side note, I actually used that last ‘quality’ in a set-up yesterday – did you know how difficult it is to respectfully & tastefully articulate that a girlfriend of yours might have some desirable qualities in the boudoir?


You can see why the app would be appealing for singles too… you can put your hand up, giving your friends, who know you well, the green-light to hook you up with their single friends. This whole process takes place behind closed doors (and off Facebook walls) in that date-updates or notifications aren’t posted anywhere, the app just uses the platform as a means of introduction, and that’s it… ‘set-up-singles’ then take it all from there.


So, I’m taking my match-making experience from the offline world and applying it in a physical-challenge to hook-my-singles-up so successfully that they go All the Way. Can you imagine… the result of a whole person or family created purely from the existence & use of this facebook app? It’s a surreal yet very real story that might one day be recited as “how I met your mother/father”. I’m pretty sure if I have some favors to ask of this person down the track they’ll feel obliged (even if it’s just to teach me how to use candy crush.)


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