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Wonder Women 04 - © Maya Sugiharto 2013 - Julia Birks - Mix Blog Cropped


For me, one of the most rewarding things about writing in the online and social space is the connection that can be struck with individual readers, which can sometimes uncover another amazing story. It might be momentum, fate, coincidence or just networking – but for me to write an article and have someone reach out, building on the original subject and offering another angle or piece of news to share… is truly what floats my boat.


Following from last week’s blog about my inspirational friend Justine  (who is challenging herself to run every single day for 365 days) I received an email from the Creative Director of Agent Morphe Design (Aviva Minc) telling me about a new project called ‘Wonder Women’. This project struck a personal chord with me as it aims to inspire girls and women to overcome challenges of self-doubt and image obsession, and gain a greater sense of opportunities as they follow their dreams and passion. As someone who’s personally battled with self-image issues, I felt compelled to bring the project forward and spread the word on this unique approach to changing the tide.


The Wonder Women Photography Project is an Australian initiative showcasing 11 sportswomen who don’t necessarily fit the norm, or have massive media profiles. The project demonstrates that success isn’t about how others perceive you, but something that comes from within and from a determination to achieve.


Through a series of photos of each woman, beautifully shot by Maya Sugiharto, the project aims to inspire all women and girls on a global scale to believe in themselves and follow their passion.

“Women are too often told that they can’t do something, or to stop dreaming. We wanted to show girls and women everywhere that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. These women have fought against all odds to get to their level of success, winning accolades and admiration along the way.“ said project creator and photographer Maya Sugiharto.


If you can spare a moment in your day to appreciate the importance and necessity of this project (which is run by a team in Melbourne who have been pouring so much energy in since January this year)… it might help you or someone you know realise where true success really comes from.


Click Here: The Wonder Woman Project

Behind the Scenes VIDEO


– Big thank you to Aviva Minc for reading my work and sharing this great project with us all.

– Please remember to share the project with other girls and women, if you agree in its importance.


Jules xx



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