This Blog Post Took Me Five Minutes to Write (Learn How)

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Literally, the clock is ticking as I write this… 8.37pm. I’m making a point of demonstrating how easy a blog can be to write because so many people say to me “oh I would LOVE to blog about my passion but I just don’t think I’ve got the spare time… how do you find time?”


When I first started my blog it took me around 10 hours of start-up time and meetings with various designers, videographers, photographers and web-builders to get me set up. Since then, the only time-effort is note-taking on my i-phone when something interesting, topical or humorous seems to happen, and then an hour or so a week going through the material to decide on the best thing to share.




You can from this very post how blogging is more like just talking, as if we were sitting here having a conversation, you are nodding (hopefully) and I’m talking. So there’s really no need for that epic panic around grammar, structure (beginning, middle, end… drawing a major conclusion). Most of the time, people just want o hear from the voice of you, about your passion, as if you were enthusiastically speaking to them about something that floats your boat.




I’ve taken a little break from my own personal blogging over Christmas and Summer, getting a little off the grid and on the sand… but I wanted my first post for the year to be about demonstration that something seemingly hard can actually be very, very easy. Removing the veil that blogging and writing is a complicated, involved, time consuming… draining effort. It’s really not (I’m here, talking to you for five minutes, to tell you). So if you have something to say or have thought about blogging about your passion, give it a go, get involved. If you can’t be bothered with the set up of it all, just start writing long facebook status updates to get in the swing of things … or ask your favorite blogger if they’re open to you writing a guest post for their blog so you can share your thoughts beyond the common status update.


8.42pm (Thanks for reading, and if you’re interested in trying it out, let me know. Good luck!)




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