SURPRISE Mom – We’re Going for a Helicopter Ride Today (VIDEO)

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When I give a gift, I feel like 80% of the fun (for the gifter and the giver) is in the SURPRISE, and 20% of the fun in the actual GIFT itself – that material ‘thing’. That’s why, in my latest experience for RedBalloon, I decided to tell my mom we were going shopping, but instead… surprised her face off with a Helicopter experience over Victoria’s southern coastline. Check out the video below when she found out… she’s so hysterical. You can see why she was a cheerleader back at Michigan University… excitement much?

When I broke the news to my Mom that, sadly, we were not going to a direct factory outlet. but, rather, GOING IN THE SKY for an awesome ride – it was ON. The whole day, her in mind was flipped inside-out upside-down as she went into new , unprepared feelings of nervousness, excitement, gratitude, love and – ultimately, complete awe an exhilaration. I knew, as her daughter, that having a story she could share about what we’d done together would be so valuable to her (most definitely more valuable than a clearance bin filled with oversized leopard print leggings at the red-herring shopping outlet day).

Check out the highlights below and you’ll get a great sense of how much giving this gift actually gave to me #HappyMomHappyMe











Screen Shot 2014-06-29 at 6.23.33 PM
















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