5 Surprising Ways You’re (Probably Unknowingly) Ruining Your Hair

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(This is a Guest Post by Amy Mia Goldsmith, Author details at the base of this article)

Has your hairdresser ever told you to pay greater attention, tender, love and care to your hair? Most of us have been there– in spite of all that effort to keep our hair clean, fresh and glamorous-looking 24/7, it can still look damaged, dry and split at the ends. Believe it or not, regular washing, conditioning and clipping frizzy ends can produce no tangible results for the health and state of your hair if you’re doing it all wrong. To help you achieve a glamorous look mane-wise, we bring you the top five enemies you’re probably exposing your hair to in your regular care regimens.


  1. Too tight a style for your hair’s sake

Though your hair may be strong and voluminous, its stunning look can go awfully astray over time in case you’re an avid fan of tight hairstyles. However sleek and neat it may look, an extremely tight hairstyle drains the life out of your hair follicles and rips the fine hair ends at the edges of your hairline, so instead of just pulling your mane back as tight as you can, cut your ponytail or bun some slack intensity-wise and instead apply a light gel to achieve a well put-together look.



  1. Overdoing dry shampoo regimens

Another frequent mistake in hair care – overdoing your dry shampoo sessions may wreak havoc on your mane. I know I know, dry shampoo has been the great saviour of women in the 21st century…. But dry shampoo can clog your scalp pores and trigger pimples in case of excess use, so if you want to make your hair look clean and fresh, set aside the time to properly wash it with a hair repair or volume-building liquid shampoo. For minimal splitting, apply a conditioner on the ends of your mane and treat your hungry hair with a nourishing mask regimen now and again. To get the most of your hair regimens, use premium quality items like Theorie Hair Products.


  1. Overwashing your hair (or ‘double shampooing’)

Swapping your dry shampoo for proper washing regimens doesn’t mean you’ll have to wash your hair every day. Overdoing the washing part may also cause damage to your hair and make it more sensitive and prone to breakage – and harsh shampoos may also turn your scalp dry and flaky or even lead to a wide range of problems and conditions due to removal of natural oils produced by the skin glands. To stay on the safe side, consult your hairdresser about recommended washing regimens based on your individual hair type.




  1. The perils of towel-drying

If you often towel dry your curls and locks before dry-fanning your hair, you’ll now think twice. The cuticles of curly and wavy hair are more likely to get irritated if exposed to contact with rough fabrics as towels and similar coarse materials cause friction(who knew!). For minimal hair stress and better looking mane-style, skip the towel-drying sessions or replace them with a gentle scalp and hair massage with an old, soft cotton T-shirt or super-absorbent microfiber towels.


  1. Frequent hair dying

One more hazard for a healthy look… chemical hair dyes can turn your hair dry, delicate and damaged if used too frequently. In addition to that, hydrogen and bleaches used in most hair jobs will additionally weaken the hair body and follicle, so you’d better skip monthly trips to your hairdresser and swap industrial dyes for henna if you want your natural hair to stay healthy and strong longer.

Your hairdresser may be right after all – even with your best efforts, your hair may still look dull and damaged, and for a good reason too. If you’re doing one or more of the points listed above, it’s a good chance to try an alternative now.


About the Author

Amy Mia Goldsmith is a literature student from Melbourne who loves to read and has been writing novels and short stories as long as she can remember. She is a regular contributor at High Style Life. Her passion is beauty, hair care and organic makeup and she loves to spend her free time hiking and of course – make up shopping! You can contact Amy on her Facebook page.


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