Charity Start Up Helps Aussies Keep Their New Year’s Resolutions

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With 2016 just around the corner, a new charity website, Promise or Pay is helping Aussies stick to their new year’s resolutions, well after the confetti is gone. Whether your new year’s goal is to go for a daily run or kick a bad habit, the website has been created to encourage fellow Australians to promise to change themselves – for the better – in the year ahead.

It’s no secret that keeping your new year’s resolutions are challenging, especially after all the celebrations die down and reality starts to set in. Research shows that your chance of achieving a goal increases by 33% if you shared it with others[1] and by 72% if money is involved.[2]

Promise or Pay combines these two approaches to help you keep your promise by making it public and holding you accountable. Charitable giving is used as an incentive to encourage others to support you on your personal growth journey- it’s a win-win way to make good on your goals and drive social change.

The brainchild of Jay Boolkin, Promise or Pay came about whilst he was living in Cambodia as an Australian Youth Ambassador. With a background in not-for-profit organisations and struggling to keep his own personal goals, Jay decided to create a program that would not only benefit participants but also serve a greater cause.

“Our vision is to inspire millions of people to be the best they can be and at the same time, encourage and facilitate much needed donations for charity. Make a promise or support a friend (or stranger!) and let’s make a better world,” says Jay.

Promise or Pay is the perfect way to inspire others or yourself to make a positive change and at the same time helping to raise much needed funds for deserving charities. One promise can make a huge difference – so what will yours be?

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