First World Storage Problems – Sorted

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1sChange of season gets me excited because I can vacuum pack all my winter clothes and get a whole hemisphere of wardrobe space back. Love it. The word ‘storage’ often makes gives people anxiety just at the thought of how poorly organised their abundance of ‘life stuff’ is. Achieving effective storage is, however, is not an impossible feat. I love Howard’s Storage World but it can be quite expensive.. so I try to think of other ways to manage my stuff. Keep on reading if you’re ready to get creative to organise your home.

  1. Trunks

Trunks are ingenious pieces of furniture that easily create style and serve as discreet storage solutions. If your living room is missing a piece of striking furniture, a vintage, wooden trunk could be the answer. By placing a trunk in your room, you will help accentuate existing décor as well as declutter the entire area. Simply store away unused throws, pillows, remotes, magazines and DVDs.

  1. Clear glass jars

Glass jars are a minimal and stylish way of organising the knick-knacks around your home. Teabags, coffee beans, cereals and other items in the kitchen can be stored in sealable glass jars and put on display on a shelf or in the pantry. Hairbands, cotton tips, Band-Aids and even makeup can be organised among a variety of glass jars as well. With clear storage options, you’ll easily be able to find what you’re looking for.

  1. Self-storage

Self-storage is a fantastic solution to consider when you’re stuck with items that don’t quite fit into your lifestyle and your current home. Investing in a secure storage unit will help you free up some space until you decide on what to do with certain belongings.  Fort Knox has a range of temporary and permanent storage solutions available to help you optimise your living space.

  1. Tissue boxes for plastic shopping bags

After grocery shopping, do you often wonder where you can best store the piles of plastic bags? If you keep throwing them under the kitchen sink, only to have them waft out each time you open the doors, try storing them in an empty tissue box instead. Simply stuff each plastic bag into the box and pull one out as needed, just as you would with a tissue. The box will take up little space and can neatly slip next to the cleaning products under the kitchen sink.

  1. Curtain rod storage

Once you’ve sorted out your plastic bag dilemma, it’s a great idea to start organising your cleaning products. An effective solution to help you keep track of all of your products is by installing a spring-loaded curtain rod under the sink. Once in place, simply hook cleaning products on the rod and voila! You’ve got an organised space.

  1. Peg board storage

Peg boards are ingenious inventions that create a lot of space even when there isn’t much to begin with. Simply secure a peg board to a wall in your spare room or garage area to store things like tools, helmets, bikes and hoses. Everything will have a designated place.

Effective storage makes a world of difference when it comes to organising your home. If you’re ready to freshen up your space, give these few tips a try.


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  1. Kristin Fuller

    December 10, 2015 12:11 am

    Everybody has problems with the lack of storage at home. Now the winter is here and my closet is filled with winter clothes and I have almost no space left for me. The closet under the sink where all my cleaning products are stored as well as the basement is a complete mess. Thank you for the ideas! Nice post!


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