Pretty as a Picture | Benefit Product Review

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I’ve never owned anything from the brand ‘Benefit‘. It’s not a brand I grew up with or particularly had an understanding of or affinity with, but my first experience for this make up review has been really interesting for three main reasons;

  1. Adorable product. I literally felt like a little girl again with how beautifully presented this product was and how nice it was to hold/use.
  2. Learning a Thing or Two. I normally get my advice on application from mags and then go buy product (if I’m lucky there’s a ‘paint by numbers’ reference on the back of eyeshadow sets so that I don’t look like a clown), but with Benefit I got a true guide with the product, with visual references I could use against my own process.
  3. I want to give this as a gift. I can’t remember a time when I’ve enjoyed the whole make up experience so much so that I have thought “this would be a beautiful gift”. I don’t spend a heap on makeup, it’s more functional for me, but in this instance, something that looks like it probably cost a bomb is actually relatively affordable – something I would purchase for myself as a feel good gift, and definitely something I would buy for someone else.


Kit Product itself had gorgeous personality and presence… and in this case you can judge a book by its cover.



Page one 🙂



Presentation perfection…



Tips and tricks that I can actually use.



And it’s not all about the look, quality product that glides on – you can feel the quality of the ingredients matches the look of the product.




Some innovative product, certainly haven’t seen blush like this before – and it was actually good. I particularly liked using it on ‘no makeup’ days when I just wanted a little colour but not a “whole-face” day.


Handy handbag friendly tiny mascara – great post yoga.



This is now my new daily mascara – smooth glide, controlled ‘fall’ throughout the day (without being a harsh waterproof mascara), the handle is super hand-friendly – really grippy.



Benefit have an Adore Beauty service where they offer free shipping for orders over $30 and free samples for orders over $50. Worth a look!


This is a sponsored post that I was delighted to take part in because the product was truly something I would use.


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