Turn Your Food Around

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I’m not anti-junk-food. There’s a time and a place (like last week when I was hungover and had Cheezels for breakfast… for example). I am, however, anti-pretending-to-be-fresh/healthy when the food is actual junk. Today I was handed this boxed Brown Rice and Quinoa Salmon Salad with “Think Fresh” printed on the top of the box. Just before I tucked into my fresh treat, I awkwardly tried to turn the box around for a list of ingredients, printed underneath.

It’s pretty impossible to turn a boxed salad upside down without getting any on the person sitting next to you (sorry mate). Anyway, it was good because I was able to put my magazine down since the list of ingredients was longer than any article I was reading, it really needed a fold-out pamphlet if I’m honest. Pretty surprised my “Think Fresh” salad actually had three different types of processed antioxidants (E319, E320, 300), some of which are derived from petroleum and, according to this great app ‘Chemical Maze’ are prohibited in foods intended for infants (if my baby nephew is prohibited from eating this I’m worried about why my adult stomach is deemed suitable). Then there was the deliciously named “antifoam E900” mmm fresh! A synthetic ingredient also prohibited in infant food (lucky nephew isn’t into Quinoa yet gees). Finally the preservative 223 a sodium metabisulphate (also synthetic) and our good friend ‘white sugar’ for good measure.

The dozens of people around me tucked in, but I just literally couldn’t stomach it. Think Fresh my ass.

The point is #TurnYourFoodAround, even if it’s branded “fresh”… know what’s actually going in your mouth & be informed with your decision (so maybe you can eat antifoam just on your ‘binge’ days…?). Chemical Maze is a super-easy app to plug ingredient “numbers in brackets” into for a run down of what it is and its potential side effects (which are just jaw dropping, pardon the pun). Anyway, Think Fresh woo!


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