Little Innocents – Organic Baby Skincare Giveaway


Delighted to be gifted a Little Innocents organic baby skincare range for product review. I’ve also received a full product pack to give away, so if you’re interested please just comment below with why you’d be keen to try the range for a bub in your life.

For most of this year I’ve been all for switching to natural products as much as possible after watching the startling “The Human Experiment” documentary on Netflix (worth a look). So much more conscious of what goes “on” my body since starting to learn more and more about the skincare industry and the fact that the skin absorbs all our beauty and skincare products and we basically ingest and process the ingredients within (often times companies don’t have to actually do anything to prove products aren’t harmful to health, rather only take action to change chemical ingredients when mass health issues become evident and obvious as a concern).

Anyway, I’ve only used the massage oil from Little Innocents whilst I was pregnant (as an alternative to BioOil which I was so surprised to find out contains petrochemical ingredients) so I’m looking forward to trying the whole range especially on new baby Harvie’s fresh young skin. Comment below for a chance to get the other pack mailed to you 🙂




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  1. Ali

    November 30, 2016 2:08 pm

    Love your post! I also have been cutting down on toxic chemicals etc in products we use around the house (although I should mention it has taken me about a year longer than you to really get into the swing of it!). I have tried a few Little Innoscents products & gifted a friend recently with a boxed set on the birth of her baby. It’s fun passing on the good news to others! Anyway, I would love to win a pack 🙂 and must try their massage oil as I’m pregnant too!

  2. Jemma

    December 1, 2016 7:00 pm

    I feel a bit sad that I didn’t know more about the adverse effects of so many cheap convenient chemicals in our lives when I first had my baby. He’s unfortunately been brought up on many health-adverse products, and plastic bottles in his first year. It’s never too late to start changing though. I’ve already made the switch on many counts and would love to win this to try out these beautiful organic and safe products on him.

  3. Donna

    December 2, 2016 1:01 am

    Recently found out our little one has eczema & started learning about all the chemicals in our food, body and household products. Have started our family on the journey of removing chemicals from our home and bodies. Feeling a little overwhelmed by it all, so I would love to win this prize pack to try the products especially for our little one.


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