When I’m the Prime Minister: New Children’s Book Shapes Future Female Leaders One Page at a Time

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In a world where leadership roles have historically been dominated by men, surgeon and bestselling author Dr Samantha Pillay’s latest book, ‘When I’m the Prime Minister’, emerges as a guiding light for girls everywhere. This groundbreaking children’s book is designed to nurture the untapped potential within young minds, casting a special focus on empowering girls to envision a future where they fill influential roles and act as decision-makers for their communities.

Dr Pillay’s narrative is built on the crucial idea that early exposure to the concept of steering one’s own destiny and shattering conventional beliefs regarding gender roles is key to developing the leaders of tomorrow. By crafting a story that champions equality and encourages girls to dream without limits, ‘When I’m the Prime Minister’ challenges out-dated narratives and inspires its audience to aim for greatness, proving that ambition and courage know no gender.

From the playroom to the party room, embark on an inspiring journey with When I’m the Prime Minister, a captivating addition to the Inspirational Careers for Kids picture book series tailored for young Australian minds. This visionary book transcends mere storytelling; it unfolds as a series of affirmations meticulously crafted to empower children to envision themselves as leaders, perhaps even as the future Prime Minister of Australia.

As the pages unfold, When I’m the Prime Minister identifies the fundamental qualities of an outstanding leader and delves into the unique context of Australian politics. It goes beyond the narrative, instilling in young minds the essence of leadership, resilience, and the power to bring about positive change for their nation.

This book is more than a story; it’s a call to action, a pathway to self-belief where dreams know no boundaries. When I’m the Prime Minister becomes a pivotal intervention against stereotypes, fostering an inclusive leadership vision that knows no gender constraints. It has the transformative power to shape the destiny of young minds and, in turn, contribute to the future of a great nation.

Secure your copy today, and let this book become a beacon of inspiration for Australia’s young leaders. Join the movement to empower the next generation, urging parents, educators, and mentors to invest in a future where every child sees themselves as a leader in the vibrant tapestry of Australian society. Don’t miss the opportunity to nurture the dreams that will shape the future of this remarkable nation.

“With this book, I delve beyond mere aspirations to lay a solid foundation for a future where girls not only envision themselves in leadership roles, but also understand the virtues and challenges of their positions. This book is a dialogue-opener between children and adults and as such, is the perfect addition to any bookshelf,” says Dr Pillay.

Continuing, “The book aims to dismantle the barriers of self-doubt. I encourage parents, teachers and other caregivers to pick up a copy for the girls in their life. Ignite the flames of ambition and self-belief in their hearts and minds! Together, we can pave the way for a transformed future that values and champions equality.”

’When I’m the Prime Minister’ has garnered enthusiastic praise:

“Every page of ‘When I’m the Prime Minister’ is a stepping stone towards gender parity in politics and aligns with our mission at Women for Election. This is a must-read for young minds ready to create positive change in politics, resulting in positive change for the world.”
– Licia Heath, CEO Women for Election Australia

Girl power is evident throughout the pages of Dr Samantha Pillay’s book When I’m the Prime Minister: Dreaming is Believing: Politics. Each spread identifies an important aspect of being the Prime Minister. The values necessary for a leader to have — honesty, listening, problem-solving, and promoting world peace — are highlighted. The Prime Minister is a woman who is surrounded by other women in prominent roles. Children are often told that they can be anything they want to be, but seldom do they see actual role models depicted in picture books. Young children are visual learners so seeing women as the predominant characters with influential careers is empowering

Timely and compelling, ’When I’m the Prime Minister’ is available now:
https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1922675202 (Amazon)

Formats: eBook, Paperback, Hardcover

Also available, the companion Activity Bookhttps://www.amazon.com.au/dp/1922675253

About the author:
Dr Samantha Pillay, a surgeon, is a beacon of inspiration, transcending the boundaries of her field to become a catalyst for change and empowerment. From her groundbreaking work as a pioneering figure in incontinence treatments, she has seamlessly transitioned into a global advocate for women’s health and a staunch supporter of women and girls’ leadership.

Dr. Pillay’s journey is one of resilience and determination, marked by her unwavering commitment to challenging stereotypes and defying expectations. Despite facing physical limitations from congenital hip dysplasia, she fearlessly pursued her passion for medicine, becoming the first woman in South Australia to complete the adult Urological Surgical training program. Her vision and foresight led her to establish Continence Matters, a Center of Excellence dedicated to providing specialized care for women.

Beyond her surgical practice, Dr Pillay has emerged as a force for societal change, dedicating her efforts to reducing stigma, educating communities, and advocating for gender equality.

As a single mother, entrepreneur, and full-time practicing surgeon, Dr Pillay exemplifies the epitome of multitasking and resilience. She has tirelessly championed the cause of women’s health on a broader scale. Her passion for writing has led her to author the “Inspirational Careers for Kids Picture Book Series,” where she aims to inspire the next generation to dream big and challenge traditional gender roles.

Recognized as a finalist for prestigious awards such as the SA Australian of the Year and the Telstra Business Awards, Dr Samantha Pillay’s impact extends far beyond the operating room. She serves as a shining example of how perseverance, innovation, and a commitment to social change can transform lives and inspire generations to come.


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