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It’s little wonder the exquisitely interesting Lady Gaga sold out five shows in Melbourne this month (a record for her tour).  For those who bought a ticket to the show because they thought she would be amazing, they got their wish and then some… And then some more… plus another kicker. Those who went along as ‘plus-ones’ or because they had no other plans were converted to screaming Little Monsters, once pop-appreciators, now true believers.

On top of her undeniable raw-talent in singing & performing, Gaga was a hybrid of Alexander McQueen savage-beauty style, combined, to a degree, with Anthony Robbins motivational words on Life being there for the taking- and You being front & centre in the drivers seat. Follow your dreams. Work hard. Simple thoughts but Rod Laver arena and a crowd of what she estimated to be 30,000 sat in awe thinking about their plans to change their lives. Tomorrow would be different, after experiencing this show tonight.

When she spoke to the crowd, it was almost as if Gaga was revealing a secret, providing the audience with specific advice and tools necessary to achieve what she had and is achieving in Her Life… Living her Dreams. So the $200 concert ticket became less about her and more about One’s Self. An unexpected turn for first-time GaGa attendees, but more of the same for her hard-core little monster fans who were front & centre and had been clearly influenced and truly changed by this artists approach over the years.

I’m sure there will be many reviews of her song choices, stage set and costume extravaganza but what is most important to know, is that This Woman worked her absolute ass off on that stage for over three hours, non-stop.  No diva-style 20 minute intermissions, no self-indulgent photo montages to make you feel like you were getting more of her than you paid for. That was unnecessary because you did get more than you paid for. She took the opportunity to earn every cent that every audience member paid that night, and she thanked them for choosing to spend the money there, with her, over other necessities in life. She understood. Performance Artists of Earth, take note- this is how it’s done.

The show came to an end when Gaga picked a beautiful freckle-faced 8 year old princess from the crowd. They ran around the stage together as if they were best friends in grade five. Unplanned, un-choreographed… This little girls life would be changed forever as Gaga danced & sang with her… and educated her about the fact that if she works hard and stays focused and, above all, Believes in Herself- she will be Anything she wants to be. The crowd left in anticipation of the life ahead for that little girl, and what tomorrow would now bring for themSelves.


Here’s to living your dreams and taking the first step away from what you are, and towards who you want to be. I dedicate my first website blog post to Lady GaGa & thank her for giving me the balls to stop wishing and start Living. I hope you enjoy the things to come…


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