The Taxi is his Advertising Platform & He is The Creative

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Lately i’m in the habit of asking taxi drivers ‘what they are passionate about’ (kills silent-time, and often ends in a really interesting conversation).

Recently, the cab driver who drove us back over the Golden Gate Bridge (because we sure as hell weren’t able to walk back) responded to this question by reciting beautiful, original poetry he had written to help spread the word on his cause. ‘Ethiopian Trust’ raises awareness about Elowaha (Ethiopia) and develops projects to help the people of the village. This is Tesfaye Meles Johanson, Director of

The taxi is his advertising platform. He is the creative (and comes with business cards and a photo album to peruse while you sit). Everyday he transports dozens of Americans or international tourists – and makes the most of each encounter, getting his message out, one trip at a time. The reach might not be that high but the engagement was!

Give it a go next time you’re in a cab using the word ‘passion’ specifically, let us know if you hear anything cool.




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  1. Phil Rush

    May 2, 2014 8:47 pm

    We offer taxi advertising in the U.K, so I deal with taxi drivers everyday and they are very passionate people. Though like bus drivers they are always different.You can;t read a book by its cover. Cheers Phil


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