Buying a Lottery Ticket on Credit | The Irony of a 70 Million Dollar Dream

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Yesterday I was lining up at Tattersall’s and noticed that the three customers in front of me each bought a ticket to this weeks’ $70M lottery draw using their credit card… I couldn’t help but think of the irony of these people “paying for dreams on credit” (laughing quietly to myself) –then I stepped forward and did the exact same thing. “Credit please… I’ll sign”.  It’s for frequent flyer point right?!… Yes, that’s what I told myself.


When there’s a big draw like this – most optimists have a ticket & a dream or two in mind. Travel around the world, mansions on every major continent, Yachts, Range Rovers in ‘Mr & Mrs – Black & White’ (you know who you are), luxurious gifts for family & friends and charity donations for favorite causes (…plus a little bit of a karma kick). I think I’d pay for a private dinner inviting Ms GaGa, Madonna and Felix Baumgartner… Felix and I would chat about my skydiving & bungee jumping experiences while Gaga & Madge create an epic duet that will change history.

I know of at least two people relatively close to me who have each won over $500,000 in past lottery draws. One of them kept it completely quiet, didn’t tell a sole, and spent the money wisely on investments whilst keeping some in savings. I was amazed at their will power to avoid screaming from the rooftops! The other was part of a syndicate that went a bit pear shaped when everyone realised they’d won. People are funny about money and, when its a substantial amount within arms reach, it seems to have a power of adjusting people’s normal behavior and moral codes ever so slightly – but enough to bring the whole house down.

If you won a lottery in the millions – would you tell everyone about it? Do you think you could possibly keep the news to yourself in an attempt to retain your life as you know it (just removing the stress of ‘not having enough’) – or would you risk seeing change in people around you in sharing the news? There are plenty of stories of winners who would give it all back to turn back the clock and never buy the ticket in the first place… then again there are probably the ‘other half ‘who just lived happily ever after… (wondering how the other half live.)

If you see me posting pictures from a lavish dinner with celebrity friends next week – you’ll know my ironic credit card purchase was worthwhile. Who needs frequent flyer points when you’re a millionaire anyway?


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