A Bingo Game for Yogis

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Yoga is pretty much a way of life, and it can have some amazing benefits, not just to our bodies, but to our mental state as well. If you’re having trouble relaxing or struggling with anxiety, you may want to take a breath and stretch! Whether you’ve already tried yoga before and have simply forgotten, or are just getting started, you might be able to learn with this quick bingo game, which introduces various yoga poses and challenges the player to try them out.

The game is best played with a group of friends — possibly others who also want to learn how to do yoga. This is what Maria Finnegan did to her yoga class to help them review the different positions learned throughout the semester, and she said that it was “fun, and adds variety” to the usual structure of a yoga class.

The way to play is to create some bingo cards, or make use of pre-made ones such as this set from BingoCardCreator.com. Replace the numbers of a traditional bingo card with names of different yoga poses (you can google the terms if you’d rather use instructional images rather than words/names), and print enough cards for you and your friends. Make call cards with the names of the poses as well, and play the game by having one person draw from the call cards and read the name of the position out loud. Everyone participating must then perform the pose, and then mark the pose off on their own cards. The first to complete a bingo pattern wins the game.

This isn’t the first time that bingo has been used to help others gain knowledge of a sport. Betfair often runs themed bingo games in line with major sporting events such as the Olympics, while a bingo card on Mashable aimed to poke fun at the drama surrounding gymnastics competitions. It’s certainly a versatile game, and you can continue to revamp your bingo cards by using different poses on the cards for each round.


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