Hey Coffee Snob – 6 Tips for Making Café Quality Coffee At Home

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instagram-43340-74233800-420738We’re such coffee snobs. Have you always wondered how the coffee you get from your local barista tastes better than the brew you make yourself at home? Not only is it possible to make café quality coffee at home, but it will can save you a lot of time and money during the week once you learn a couple of tricks of the trade. Here are six tips to get you started…


Use Good-Quality Coffee Beans


A good cup of coffee starts with the coffee beans, so ensure you have a good-quality blend on hand to help your homemade brew flourish. You can purchase coffee directly from specialist coffee roasters such as Di Bella Coffee, a brand which is used in many cafés and restaurants around Australia. Investing in a specialty brand which is known for quality instead of a generic supermarket brand will give you a much better shot at recreating that café cuppa.


Learn How to Use Your Coffee Machine


If you’ve got a fancy coffee machine at home but never learned how to use it properly, now is your chance. Once you know how to use your machine, the coffee will instantly start to taste better. There’s no point investing in a swish coffee machine if it sits on the bench collecting dust, so pull it out and have a play. Or better yet, have a peek at the instructions and learn as you go.


Master the Art of Coffee Art


To add the finishing touch to your homemade brew, master the art of making coffee art. There are countless Youtube videos on the topic, and a basic Google search brings up a wealth of information on techniques and DIY instructions. Practice with some basic shapes to start with, and develop your coffee art skills from there.  It’s the perfect touch to make you appreciate the small things in a busy weekday schedule, and it’s also a good trick to have up your sleeve when guests show up unannounced.


Experiment with New Flavours


Once you’ve learned how to make a basic cup of coffee at home, start to experiment with flavours and add a touch of something new. You’ll never know what delicious combination you will discover. You could try adding chocolate, honey, sugar, milk, almond milk, salt, cinnamon, vanilla extract or a nip of Baileys to your regular coffee for an additional flavour hit.


Buy a Cute Coffee Mug


Everyone knows that coffee, or any drink for that matter, tastes better when it is served in a cute cup. Shop around and find one that you can’t wait to use each morning; it’ll encourage you to make your coffee at home rather than buy one, and it’s also perfect for a cute Instagram shot.


Don’t add Too Much Sugar


Finally, the perfect cup of coffee doesn’t have to be over-sweetened with sugar. Resist the urge to add a tablespoon and let the coffee flavours do all of the work. You might find that you actually enjoy your coffee without it. Give honey a try as an alternative.


Hope this helps you become brave enough to switch up your routine and make your own coffee at home!


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