Five of my Friends Just Juice Cleansed & Here’s What they Said…

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I need to declare a conflict of interest. I am a long-time juice cleanse addict so anything I say can and will be totally biased. Which is why I’m leaving the majority of this particular blog post in the hands of five good friends of mine who just ordered and completed cleanses following a post they saw of my Karmic Juice cleanse plans last week. Most of them are new to juice cleansing. This is not a sponsored post for Karmic Cold Pressed Juice it just happens to feature them because that’s the company these friends used after seeing my post. I’ve also included the cleanse experience of very resourceful friend who made her own juices like a boss.

For me, I tend to use cleansing almost like that intermittent fasting… every couple of weeks I’ll cleanse for a couple of days. Sometimes I’ll order a 3-day cleanse and my partner and I will do a day and a half each. Other times  I’ll cleanse weekly if things have gotten out of hand (cue isolation pasta binge music). For me, it’s mostly about getting a variety of nutrients “IN” when I know for sure my solids diet wouldn’t be covering the spectrum of what I need for whatever reason (cue eating kids leftover toast-crusts for my breakfast music). Juice cleansing tends to clear up my skin, settle bloating and digestive issues and generally leave me feeling ‘lighter’ and more conscious about eating (and drinking!) for the week following. I also randomly get comments on white sparkly eyes (and teeth!) following a cleanse which is always nice. At first glance it can be expensive but do the math on the meals you won’t be paying for at a café or cooking at home while you’re cleansing and do consider the quality of cleanse ingredients when looking at pricing with Karmic or other cleanse brands.

Anyway I digress… over to the newbies!


TARLYN did a 2-Day Liver Cleanse with Karmic Cold Pressed Juice

“After seeing Jules’ post about the Karmic Liver Cleanse, I decided it was exactly what I needed before going into Lockdown 2.0. I had never tried a detox, juice cleanse or even a semi-strict diet – I had never tested my own discipline. My intention going in was to prove to myself that I could do it (with the temptation of the fridge ever present while working from home), reset my body & digestion, and hopefully find some mental clarity.

The morning of day 1 saw some mild anxiety, with all I could think about was “what if I get hungry?”, but by the time I reached the first dinner (sitting with my partner while he ate steak), it occurred to me that I hadn’t felt hungry once. I was completely satisfied, and even more satiated. The following day was a breeze, with the hot soups a nice mix up to the cold juices during the winter days, and the cacao-almond milk “dessert” was the perfect finish.

My energy was slightly down for both days, but I did sleep incredibly well. The real benefits were felt for the week after the cleanse – as I was full of energy, and excited to retain some healthier habits after my detox.”



AMANDA did a 2-Day Gut Cleanse with Karmic Cold Pressed Juice

“I started my week with a Karmic juice cleanse. This was my first ever juice cleanse and I did the gut health cleanse. I did the two day cleanse and absolutely loved it. On the morning of the third day I wished I had chosen to do either three or four days to be honest. I wasn’t hungry at all during the cleanse and I loved the variety of the juices. I chose the Healing green soup for the evenings and the Armond milk was a great way to finish the day. Cannot wait to do my next cleanse…I  have felt completely revived, clear headed and energised since I did it. It’s also proven to be a great way to work out what foods are working with my body as since the cleanse I’ve been able to slowly introduce different foods and see exactly what affect they’re having on my body. This cleanse has been to be a great way to reboot!”



SPENCER did a 3-Day Liver Cleanse with Karmic Cold Pressed Juice

“I had done a juice cleanse a couple of times before – albeit several years ago at a local retreat. Home delivered juice cleanses weren’t a thing back then, so I was excited at doing one in the comfort of my own #iso home. Perhaps the convenience contributed to a lack of mental preparation – day one hit me for six with caffeine withdrawal headaches, bouts of fatigue, and general feelings of holy crap what am I doing to myself?

Fortunately, the angst of day one was soon replaced by a sense of mental clarity and wellbeing in days two and three. I did feel some mild effects of the detox around my hips and thighs at night (a normal sensation as the organs rest and the body detoxes). However, this was never enough to interrupt an amazing night’s sleep. By day, I loved the delicious cold-pressed juices – and if I shut my eyes while spooning the chicken broth into my mouth, I could almost be eating a roast dinner.

For all the food-obsessing and initial shock of day one, the cleanse has left me feeling lighter (three kgs if you’re asking) and rejuvenated.  With expectations now in check, I am keen to do it again – just not leaving it several years between juices.”



SHENCINA did a 3-Day Gut Cleanse with Karmic Cold Pressed Juice

“It was great. Not nearly as challenging as I was expecting. Felt better, not bloated and more conscious afterwards. Drinks all tasted good. Hated the green soup and couldn’t even eat it though… I’ll try pumpkin next time or see if I can swap for a different drink. Thanks for the inspo & code you two!!”






VANESSA did a 8-day Cleanse that she made herself

“I felt compelled to do a health reset after the yoyo effects of COVID restrictions on my eating habits, I found I was feeling sluggish, moody, generally not my best self.
Having done clean eating cleanses before (never Juice) I knew how I chose to treat my body would be a large part of how I felt in ISO part 2.
Ill start by saying I am not a regular juicer (smoothies have been my go to) however after seeing the trend of juice cleanses I was intrigued and did a little research,
borrowed a cold pressed juicer, found some recipes for a guide ( mostly vegetables) did a shop and prepared for the next few days.
I leant the difference between juicing and smoothies, is that with juicing you get fast tracked nutrients with a lot less calories making juicing a great choice for a detox, rest, cleanse.
So upon reflection I loved it I really enjoyed the juices, and aside from a bout of fatigue on the third day I felt good and not hungry at all, although I did have cravings more mental cravings rather than a feeling of hunger.
Being winter in Melbourne I was feeling like i needed some warmth and had a few veggie broths over the week. I felt clear, slept well, woke up ready to start the day, my skin looked healthy and I felt comfortable in my body.
The overarching result and my main intention was that I reset my eating habits, I only felt like eating small clean meals post cleanse.
I would definitely do a juice cleanse again, probably in summer and maybe for longer, but I will wait until I feel motivated and ready because we all know if we try to force these things the chance of a positive outcome would be less likely achieved.




Back to me quickly – I vary between the gut health, the liver and the yin yang cleanse depending how I’m feeling and what I’ve been up to. I have tried a lot of different companies and cleanses over the years and have settled on Karmic Cold Pressed Juices because they offer a range of different ‘types’ of cleanses, they have a lot of vegetable based cleanses (as opposed to fruit), I don’t get ravenously hungry on my cleanses with them, they deliver and they also use glass recyclable bottles.

Again this isn’t a sponsored post but I do have a promo code for 15% off for use in July just because I’m a repeat customer. Use code JULIE at checkout.


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