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I’m thinking of starting a new rule… once people create a smaller version of themselves (by having a baby), the Christmas present that I would normally get for them will now default to their miniature-selves. I think this is the best idea ever because it means I can spend all my Christmas present money on tiny humans and small-sized gifts that make us all go nawwwww (which is the true meaning of Christmas surely) – instead of spending hours-and-dollars on these ho-hum shopping voucher card thingys and random gifts we adults are all giving each other, because let’s face it – as adults, if we got this far without it, we probably don’t need it.  The babies.  The toddlers. They need ‘the things’ because they are just starting.


Here are my top five favourite baby-and-toddler presents for Christmas 2014:


#1 MINIJUMBUK Baby Blanket

Why: I swear this baby blanket brings back memories of cot-time. I know this sounds ridiculous but just looking at it makes you feel little again. So soft, so natural, years of love ahead.


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Why: It’s the thought that counts. Charlie and Rosie take kids artwork and transforms it into beautiful, lasting furnishings and homewares. Such a simple idea but ‘giving’ this gift is a truly different experience. If you think about the moment when a child sees their artwork transformed into something meaningful… something important – it’s like nothing else.


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#3 STIHL Toy Chainsaw

Why: What do you mean why?


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Why: Unless you’ve been living under a rock sand-castle you must have heard of the best invention in the world. All the benefits of sand without the annoying bits.



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#5 INSTAX Mini 8

Why: When I gave this gift to seven-year-old-twins I couldn’t believe the love for the camera (and the art of photography). A combination of the real-time delivery of the physical photograph (something quite novel to an age of kids growing up in digi-land) and also illustrating the importance of taking time in the ‘capture’ because film isn’t endless… like it is in their everyday camera-phone-world.  From my experience, the kids had fun and learned a thing or two in the process – and now hold this as a prized possession in the home. Fun colors and prints on the film if you want to add some more fun.


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Thanks for checking out the top five, if you’ve got any additions to the list please let me know – happy shopping 🙂




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